Broadening horizons…


Pukak howling (Photo credit: ER Hobkirk)

Hi folks, so you may have noticed a few changes to Researching Wolves….I have now included a new “Wolf Biology” link that will give you lots of good information on general Grey wolf biology and conservation. I have wrote a full page on Grey wolf communication, mostly because I often find this information elsewhere to be lacking, and as canid communication is my area of research I thought this was more appropriate! You will now also find me/my research on Twitter (@ElanaHobkirk) and the most exciting new feature is the addition of my YouTube channel!! Here you will find uploaded videos that accompany my blog posts and which will hopefully give you a greater understanding of wolf behaviour and thus, broadening your horizons…I hope you all enjoy the changes!!

“I canid get enough of canids!”


A pack of wild Yellowstone wolves (Photo credit: S Jones)

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