On the Trot!

And ACTION!!!!! So, there I was rolling up in my truck (like something from BJ and the Bear!) to see our wolfy comrades once again – armed with cameras, notebook and a whole lotta lovin’ for wolves! As soon as our wolves hear the rumble of an engine in the distance they come-a-running – and when I say running, I mean full throttle! These guys are capable of running (on average) at 32 miles (approx. 50 kilometres) per hour! That’s some serious running speed – even in deep snow a wolf can reach speeds of 10 miles (16 kilometres) per hour – if you have ever tried running through deep snow yourself, you’ll know that it’s pretty difficult! But as mentioned previously, wolves have various adaptations to help them plough through snow and thus reach these speeds (see: “Canid get enough of Canids”)


Tundra, trotting by. Note her wide gait (the large spacing between her front and back legs) allowing her to cover large distances, her long straight back perfectly aligned with the level of her head (making her more streamlined) and her tail just slightly lifted. She gracefully moves with little effort. She has a slender physique, but with broad masculine shoulders and a deep chest making her a powerful animal – stunning…..(photo credit: ER Hobkirk)

Wolves usually travel at speeds of five miles (eight kilometres) per hour in a lope, a trot (a sort of ‘springy’ long striding gait, like that of a horse or a German shepherd dog, click here to see for yourself!) – this is their usual mode of locomotion that allows them to cover large distances, while conserving energy (and they do like to conserve energy!), meaning they can travel far and wide! In winter wolves can travel 35 miles (56 kilometres) in a single night, and 48 miles (76 kilometres) in just 24 hours. HOWEVER, some wolves have been known to travel up to 124 miles (200 kilometres) in a single day!! If I could travel about like these guys I wouldn’t need the truck!! Speaking of which, no sooner had I turned a precarious corner, over a narrow muddy bridge (!) that our wolves started running alongside me – with rather ‘happy’ facial expressions! I dare say they were grinning with joy! (She types while grinning herself!!) – chasing after vehicles is just a big game to them, which stems from their natural curiosity – a by-product of their high intelligence! They always seem to be wondering ‘why?’ and ‘how?’ about things in their environment, and any novel object will spark some interest! And they are always, ALWAYS, seem to be one step ahead of you! But, more on this next time…


Mosi, conserving energy! Let sleeping wolves lie……(Photo credit: ER Hobkirk)


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