Tired, but wide awake!!

So, after a day and a half of travelling around on planes and then driving an automatic car (!) from Bozeman to Gardiner MT, I arrive at my accommodation and immediately (yes, immediately) head straight out into Yellowstone National Park (and into Wyoming) while battling to stay awake! However, it was well worth it as I saw my very first wild wolves – the Junction Butte Pack!…..Suddenly my tiredness was all gone and I was wide awake!

The Junction Butte pack – my first encounter with wild wolves, albeit from a distance! Look carefully and you will see the wolves – fascinating how camouflaged they are in their natural habitat! (Photo credit: S Jones)

Wolves are crepuscular and naturally very cryptic, which makes it difficult to ever see them in the wild. However, the people I am with in Yellowstone know exactly where and when to look for the wolves!

A member of the Junction Butte pack – one of the first wild grey wolves I laid my eyes on!! (Photo credit: S Jones)

You guys might be wondering why I’m out here – well, a really nice man called Rick McIntyre (lead field biologist for the Yellowstone Wolf Project) invited me out here to see what he, Dr Doug Smith and their research crews do out here with the wild wolves of Wyoming! (and thanks to ‘Gandalf’ I was able to accept the invite) I am also accompanying the Yellowstone Wolf Watchers to learn more about finding and observing wild wolves – and a friend of mine, Sian Jones (from the UK Wolf Conservation Trust), is profound in her ability to find the wolves!

Another member of the Junction Butte pack, a wild black wolf. (Photo credit: S Jones)

 So, for the next month I will be driving about Yellowstone networking with people and observing wolves in their natural habitat – from quaint little Durham ‘city’ to roaring Yellowstone with its forests, rivers and many mountains, not to mention the many Bison!! Not bad eh!?


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  1. well done! It looks amazing!

    Donna Walton
    Study Skills Lecturer and Pastoral
    Riverside Dene 123
    Newcastle College
    NE4 7RW
    0191 2266342

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